A matric certificate is awarded to learners who have met requirements as set out by the Department of Basic Education and Umalusi. Picture: African News Agency (ANA)

In the third quarter of 2019 figures revealed that the unemployment rate in South Africa increased to 29.1%, the highest it’s been in over 16 years. 

One of the obvious questions raised by these worrisome numbers is how can this be remedied? How can the youth better prepare for their future in a country with these statistics, and most importantly how can they ensure they can secure employment? To this there are a lot of plausible answers such as entrepreneurship and furthering of studies. However, the most vital part of the answer lies in a good foundation and that can only be achieved through a matric certificate. 

A matric certificate is awarded to learners who have met requirements as set out by the Department of Basic Education and Umalusi, the Quality Council for General and Further Education and Training. A matric certificate enables learners to access a variety of post-school opportunities depending on their performance in Grade 12. The opportunities include entry-level employment, admission to learnerships and internships, and admission to colleges, universities and other higher education institutions. In the professional field it’s the minimum entry requirement. 

If you want to study at a higher learning institution like a university or college, you need a matric certificate first. However, simply having a matric certificate is not enough if it does not meet the minimum entry requirements.

It is imperative that learners do not despair if they don’t achieve the results they had hoped for in matric because institutions such as ICESA offer them a second chance at academic success.

ICESA's Matric school offers learners an opportunity to upgrade their high school marks and rewrite their grade 10, 11 and 12 exams. ICESA Matric School has all the tools that will help you get the best results, ensuring the journey into the next level is much easier.

With ICESA’s Matric school learners can study towards a National Senior Certificate, full-time and anyone over the age of 21 can study part-time towards an Amended Senior Certificate. ICESA Matric School has two centrally located campuses in Pietermaritzburg and Durban. 

Once a learner has received their matric certificate a door of endless opportunities is open. This allows them to basically do almost anything they want to change their lives for the better and avoid being part of the unemployment statistic. With a matric certificate in hand a learner can choose to further their studies through ICESA's certificates or diplomas and make themselves more employable. 

To find out more about the Matric School, visit www.icesa.co.za