The new iPhone 8 Plus. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File)

CAPE TOWN - Apple has been receiving reports of their iPhone 8 Plus bursting, this is within weeks of the device hitting the stores.

According to several reports two of Apple's new iPhone 8 Plus smartphones have burst open, these incidents have occurred in Taiwan and in Japan.

Pictures show the aluminium frames detached from the body.

News reports show that a woman in Taiwan claimed that her iPhone 8 Plus burst while she was charging it with the original charger and this occurred within three minutes of the device being connected to the charger.

A person in Japan has also claimed a similar incident occurred but also claimed that the phone arrived in that state.

According to Quartz, Apple is looking into the reports that their iPhone 8s are falling apart, or rather blowing up.

An Apple spokesperson told technology website, MacRumors, "We are aware and are looking into it."

Another report showed that there are speculations that the device is designed to open if such an issue occurs, as a means to prevent the device from exploding.

This might start a wider problem similar to that seen last year with Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

The Note 7 was discontinued after the batteries Samsung used were found to be too big for their housing, which caused it to blow up.