White Mercedes Benz being recovered.
Photo: Facebook
White Mercedes Benz being recovered. Photo: Facebook
Beitbridge Border Post.
Photo: Facebook
Beitbridge Border Post. Photo: Facebook

DURBAN - Sars Customs prevented 700 chicken packages from being carried over to Zimbabwe this past Sunday. 

The packages worth approximately R711 000 were stopped at the Beitbridge Border post when the foreign registered truck was stopped at the border.

The truck driver declared that he was only carrying plastic bucket but upon physical inspection the chicken packages were found.

Just last month police recovered a Mercedes Benz C220 that was going to be smuggled across the border to Zimbabwe via the Limpopo River. 

Donkeys were used by the suspects to pull the vehicle across the sand, according to the Citizen.

A few months ago the South African Police Services (SAPS) intercepted a Mercedes Benz that was driven across to Zimbabwe and arrested a suspected car smuggler, according to News Day.

The vehicle was stolen from Durban and belonged to a renting company. Other cars that were recovered at different point along the Limpopo include a Ford Ranger, Audi A6, Mercedes Benz C180 and a Datsun Go.

Just last year there were another two failed attempts to smuggle goods across to Zimbabwe by way of the Limpopo.

The first incident was a stolen vehicle that was found in the river almost submerged under the water.

The second incident, a helicopter with police inside saw a donkey cart taking goods to the Zimbabwean side of the Limpopo River.

The chicken packages and the truck have been detained pending investigation by SAPS.