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PARLIAMENT - A meeting between The Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) and South African Airways (SAA) on Wednesday, has seen the committee frowning over the airline company's lack of leadership.

Scopa says lack of leadership at SAA has contributed to bankruptcy the company is currently facing.

Here are some of the issues that were picked up by the Committee during the meeting:

  • Total lack of contract management at SAA
  • Ernst & Young appears to have captured SA
  • Wasteful expenditure amounting to R6.7m in immigration penalties.

"The Committee has requested the airline to provide Scopa with reports on all major investigation reports for the past three years, whether complete or still in draft. Scopa also wants a list of all the lounges and offices owned by SAA worldwide, including information on the length of rentals and leases," statement by Scopa reads.

It is expected that SAA will furnish Scopa with these reports that have been requested by the committee, after which the two parties will soon engage in another meeting seeking to get to the root of SAA's problems.