FILE - This Thursday, Sept. 19, 2013, file photo shows the Apple logo above a store location entrance in Dallas. Apple has bought Shazam, the maker of a song-recognition app that Apple's digital assistant Siri has already been using to help people identify the music playing on their iPhones. (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)

CALIFORNIA - As described in a patent application Apple is considering the possibility, of being able to whisper to Siri and having the assistant whisper back to you. 

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Apple filed for the patent in 2016, but it was only made public recently. According to the filing, a Siri-enabled device like an iPhone or Apple Watch would measure an audio input’s amplitude and frequency patterns to determine if a user is whispering.

It specifies “a digital assistant that is capable of detecting a whispered speech input and providing a whispered speech response.”  The patent application says Siri may normally “respond in a regular or loud voice, which may be undesired under certain circumstances where a whispered response is more appropriate.” 

Apple then gives a few examples of when this would be useful, including at the library or in an office cubicle or just to protect privacy. However, companies like Apple and Samsung often file for patents that never actually become a product.  

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