Nummi is launching in South Africa on September 9.
New cryptocurrency exchange Nummi is set to  launch in South Africa soon. 

Nummi is a  cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform where users and traders can buy, sell, exchange, and  trade Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and NEO. Ethereum will be launched soon.

Nummi, plural for Nummus, is a Latin term for the coins used in Roman and Byzantine times. Today,  people can buy and trade digital coins using an exchange named after the coin used centuries ago.

Nummi’s mission is to become one of the leading and fast growing crypto exchange platforms  in Africa and around the globe.

Low fees

Nummi is making it accessible for everyone to have a chance to become a part of this financial  system from where they can be empowered to buy and sell in the global online economy.

Nummi Co-Founder and CEO Teboho Busa believes: “The real intent of cryptocurrency was to free  people from controlled financial systems that charged high transactional and monthly fees, but I  have now realised that even the existing exchanges we have in SA are going back to what we were  supposed to be freed from - high fees. So that is why at Nummi we decided to drop our fees.”

Teboho is an expert in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading. He is an investor as well as blockchain  and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Referral program

Nummi has a unique referral program allowing users to earn commission on every trade they make  by referring family and friends.

Teboho said: “We are the first exchange to share our profits with users and traders. When our users  register, they receive referral links that they can share with family and friends. We pay up to 25%  for all ZAR trades on every trade executed by their referrals. We pay for every trade made; it is not  just a one-time referral programme. No exchange in South Africa does that.”

Nummi also pays commission on trading fees for all Crypto trades.

“Our ZAR trading fees are 0.7%, we share up to 25% of that with our users, meaning our actual fee is  about 0.50%. Our Crypto trading fees are 0.35% and we share 25% of that with our users, we  therefore end up with 0.26%.”

To learn more about the Nummi referral program go to .


Nummi developers spent 3 years creating the platform, making sure it is safe and secure for their  users. Using two-factor authentication adds that extra layer of security that provides users the  assurance to confidently trade on Nummi.

September launch

Nummi is launching in South Africa on September 9 when you can register, add a profile and upload  your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents. Wallets for deposits and withdrawals are available  from September 16, and trading starts on September 21.

Currently, you can use Nummi in South Africa for exchange in local currency, but users from all over  the world can participate in crypto to crypto trades on Nummi’s platform.

They have plans to launch FIAT currency in other countries in the near future, so look out world for  this new and ambitious exchange.