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CAPE TOWN - Telkom South Africa has announced that it is not offering free Twitter or Instagram after a fake twitter account made waves across the nation with a tweet stating that the cellular service will soon offer the services for free. 

The fake tweet was retweeted over 900 times and liked by over 1 600 users. 

On Twitter, Telkom’s official handle @TelkomZA asked customers to take note of the scam profile. 

“We advise you to please refrain from engaging with them. Thank you.”

Dear customers, please take note of the following scam profiles on twitter - @Telkom_SA and @Telkomcares - we advise you to please refrain from engaging with them. Thank you

— Telkom (@TelkomZA) July 23, 2018

The fake twitter accounts @TelkomSA has since been suspended but the other one which is @Telkomcares is still very active and continues to troll Telkom stating that the company does not care about their customers and never resolves any issues. 

Next of next year chief.

— Telkom Customer Care Agent Thoughts (@TelkomCares) July 23, 2018


— Telkom Customer Care Agent Thoughts (@TelkomCares) July 23, 2018

Business Report has reached out to Telkom for comment and they said they were able to spot the scam easily as they are always online dealing with customer queries constantly and that their social media special forces team spotted the fake account.

"While customers were excited and hopeful they would receive free social media services, once they realised the account was fake many jumped on board and helped us by reporting the fake account", said Telkom. 

Telkom added that official announcements are only made on verified social accounts.

"We regularly post and make announcements on our verified social media accounts. These can be identified by looking for the blue tick next to the business name on the profiles", said Telkom. 

Here are what consumers are saying on Twitter:

Your FreeMe bundles are not free nje as you say it aibo, we still have to buy FreeMe bundles. We wanna feel and see the meaning Freedom in this country through your network... If yoy know what I mean 😏

— Tweener🇿🇦 (@Astor_The_Biker) July 23, 2018

Way ahead of you 🚶

— Jay white 🇿🇦 (@JaywhiteIII) July 23, 2018

This user @Tebzaboy pointed out that many providers are being targeted with fake accounts.

Hebanna there are fake MTN accounts now Telkom.

— Tebzaboy (@TebzaboySA) July 23, 2018

Done ✅

— Thami Mthimkhulu (@Thami_Mthimcool) July 23, 2018

Another user, Letlhogonolo Mogale was upset as she said that she was convinced it was true. 

I was so convinced. Im so hurt

— Letlhogonolo Mogale (@connie_smashs) July 23, 2018

— Tsiko (@Tsiko_) July 23, 2018

Itumeleng went the extra mile to ask Telkom for Free Twitter. 

Okay shap, but @MTNza can't be better than you @TelkomZA, we asking for free twitter please

— Itumeleng The Sun🌞 🇿🇦 (@Itu_Langa) July 23, 2018

Ohk but do you care about us?

— Masondoltd (@MasondoLtd) July 23, 2018

Telkom added that there are no specific charges associated with social media platform usage. 

"However, on Freeme plans both prepaid and postpaid customer receive free data for Whatsapp, BBM and other instant messaging services", said Telkom. 

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