The Facelock system capitalises on the human brains excellent ability to recognise faces, which its creators say makes it almost impossible to forget.

Washington - The discovery of the devastating “Heartbleed” internet threat in April has sent the computer industry into turmoil. Makers of software, computer equipment, mobile devices and consumer electronics have been trying to figure out how it affects their products and rush out fixes before hackers launch attacks on their customers.

The Reuters Cybersecurity Summit this week brings together top US government officials, industry executives and researchers who will weigh in on Heartbleed's long-term impact.

Will the industry be able to resolve the issue before attackers are ready to launch massive assaults? Are there equally devastating bugs waiting to be discovered by hackers?

Speakers will also address related topics including the global surge in cybercrime, the role of cyberwarfare in Syria, Ukraine and other conflicts and the potential for computer-assisted attacks on critical infrastructure. - Reuters