Facebook is the preferred network, used by 71 percent of online adults, or 57 percent of all American adults, according to Pew researchers.

London - Facebook is considering lifting a ban on children using its site - despite fears it could put youngsters at risk of bullying or grooming by sexual predators.

The site, which has 900million active members worldwide, does not allow under-13s to join.

But the company’s head of policy in Britain, Simon Milner, said restrictions may be eased as many younger children already use the social network by lying about their ages.

He added: “Some seem to be doing it with their parents’ permission and help. We have a strict under-13 rule because of legal issues in America. We apply the same rule all over the world.

“But actually a lot of parents are not only happy that their kids are on it, but they are helping them be on it.” - Daily Mail