Flare has launched a rescue service. Photo: File
DURBAN - Flare, a Kenyan emergency services platform that was launched last year, has added a new product.

The new product called Rescue will combine ambulance services into one network. The product will make sure that users will have contact with emergency services within 15 minute in an emergency.

The platform is linking users to more than 50 ambulances and upto 10 fire trucks.

Flare plans to extend the fleet and may also add private security and police. The ambulances have their own insurances with companies thoroughly checked for the registration, certification, personnel and equipment before they can become participants of the platform.

In an emergency, a person needs to call the medical dispatchers at Rescue, who will then fix the person with and emergency services provider based on where the location of the person.

Rescue goes beyond just the ambulance service, it also gives the user real time traffic estimates give you the quickest route to the hospital.

The new Rescue system lets subscribers call one hotline during a medical emergency from which they are immediately linked to a big network of quality providers.

The medical team is on call 24/7 and ensure assistance within 15 minutes.

While the platform is only available to people in Nairobi, Flare has plans for 2018. They are already extending to areas that surround Nairobi and planning on expanding to other Kenyan cities like Mombasa and Kisumu and also looking at expanding into other countries on the continent.