Skype opened up its translation software to all users on Tuesday.

London - In this digital age, you no longer need to rely on the vague threat that Santa won’t reward naughty children to keep your little ones in line.

In the US, parents have moved on from visiting Santa in a grotto. They now book appointments online for him to speak to their offspring via internet phone company Skype. A ten-minute chat costs $15 (about R140).

The real bonus is that mums and dads can pass a message to Santa before he talks to their children — often they request that Father Christmas makes it clear mischievous children won’t get any presents.

British parents, meanwhile, can arrange a home visit. A Father Christmas, from, said: ‘”ne mother told me her children have a toy elf called Derek and asked me to mention the naughty things Derek had seen. That got the kids’ attention.” - Daily Mail