Resident Evil: Revelations is a multi-platform re-release of 2012's 3DS hit Resident Evil game.

Resident Evil: Revelations

Platform: 3DS

Developer: Nintendo

Rating out of five: **


With the subtitle borrowed from a recent Assassin's Creed game, Resident Evil: Revelations does indeed provide brief moments of epiphany.

Sadly, they're more about this franchise continuing to stumble around in the dark, desperately searching for ammunition, rather than any great development in the overall narrative.

Revelations opens with agents sent to investigate an abandoned ocean liner. Although long-time series favourites Jill and Chris appear, our ungainly heroes spend most of the time wandering hundreds of identikit rooms, displaying the collective personality of a grey gym sock.

There's little joy to be had from the script's attempts at humour, and not much more from the gameplay, which combines scanning the scenery for items with shooting stilted enemies.

It's not particularly frightening even when you're packed into a lift, holding hordes at bay with little ammo and a short knife.

Greeted warmly on its release for the Nintendo 3DS, here the upscaled textures and character models leave Revelations anachronistic as a late-cycle console product.

Further into the game the plot does begin to reveal some of its titular promise - but it's a chore to get there. - The Independent