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CAPE TOWN – Google has added a few new updates out on Google Assistant today such as a feature called Pretty please, better list-taking functionality and more family-orientated games and stories.

Google said in a statement: "The holidays can be such a joyous time, with festive parties, lots of baking and lights twinkling. But this time of year can also be stressful, from balancing an overbooked schedule to working your way through a seemingly endless to-do list. It can often be more chaotic than calm.

Today, we’re sharing a few new ways the Google Assistant can help you survive the busy holiday season."

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Pretty please was first announced at I/O earlier this year and is an optional feature which will “reinforce polite behavior.”

 If users say “please” or “thank you” to Google Assistant they’ll be rewarded with what Google is calling “delightful responses.”

Another feature that will be added is a talkback feature for integration between Google smart displays and Nest Hello video doorbell that will allow users to speak to guests before letting them in.

The update made to Assistant’s note- and list-taking functionality will allow users to have the ability to ”manage multiple lists in one central place” using Google Assistant. 

Google Assistant is also getting a bunch of new family-orientated features. These include new read-along stories

To follow on from those stories, Google Assistant can now also call Santa Claus. Say “Hey Google, Call Santa,” and it’ll start an interactive game. 

Finally, The last update the company is adding is some new features to its screen and camera-enabled smart displays. 

These include a new way to set alarms by swipping up from the home screen and tap the timer button and an easier way to share photos by saying “Hey Google, share this photo with April” to send it to someone in your contact list. 

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