Google Glass, which is a computer with an optical head-mounted display, contains a camera that can record whatever the wearer is seeing.

Cape Town - South Africa’s fastest growing retailer,, has announced it is selling “Google Glass Explorer Edition”, which will sell for R26 999 on the website.

Commenting on the announcement, CEO Kim Reid said “We are a customer obsessed company and we are pleased to be the first e-commerce player in South Africa to stock one of the hottest gadgets on sale in the wearable technology market globally.”

Google Glass is a wearable eyeglass frame computer that visually connects users to the internet. Wearers communicate with the internet via voice commands and can access many of Google’s key cloud features, such as Google Maps, as well as to a host of third party apps. An optical display sits above the right eye, with a 640*380 resolution, and is the equivalent to a 25-inch HDTV sitting just 8 feet away.

Although the price point will exclude the vast majority of South African consumers, Takealot Co-CEO Willem Van Biljon says “We expect to sell the product to a highly engaged niche of technologists who will jump at the opportunity to be the first in the market to own Google Glass.”

To support the launch Takealot created a video showcasing the life of a Takealot order shot through the lens of Google Glass. “We created a fun and engaging video which illustrates some of the features of Google Glass, while at the same time showcasing the lengths a delivery man goes to in order to ensure that the customer gets their parcel on time, which is what Takelot is all about”, says CMO Declan Hollywood.


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