The iPhone XS and XS Max. AP

CAPE TOWN – Apple recently launched their new devices the iPhone Xs and Xs Max and according to users there is an issue when they want to charge their devices.

Users on Reddit and Apple’s forums have taken to the platforms to complain and discuss the issue. 

YouTuber Unbox Therapy also published a detailed investigation of the problem, recreating the issue across multiple iPhone Xs and Xs Max devices.

According to unbox therapy and users that complained on the forums, when they tried to insert the charger into the device’s port while the display was off, it would not automatically begin charging.

Instead, they needed to tap on the device’s display to wake the device for the smartphone to begin charging.

Additionally, certain devices which are experiencing this problem are unable to turn on their displays via the side button when a charger is plugged in.

Apple has not reached out about the matter.

If you're interested to see Unbox Therapy's claim, see the video below.