In response to a Telkom announcement last week, MWeb has hit back with new ADSL products aimed at undercutting Telkom.

In a press release, the internet service provider said it was introducing new throttled Uncapped ADSL products “in response to market demand for cheaper Uncapped ADSL”.

“MWeb’s new products will complement its existing Premium Uncapped ADSL product suite, and will be available to South African consumers from February 1,” the press release said.

“Mweb’s new up to 2Mbps and up to 4Mbps Data Only and Data plus ADSL line offerings will be R10 cheaper than Telkom’s new prices.

“Mweb’s 1Mbps Premium Uncapped ADSL pricing remains unchanged at R199p/m for Data Only and R339p/m for Data plus ADSL line. Unlike 1Mbps competitor offerings this product will remain unthrottled.”

The press rekease says that Mweb has recognised that there is some demand for cheaper, throttled uncapped accounts.

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