Do you know how Facebook collects data on you? Photo: File
DURBAN - After Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of the United States Congress, the social networking company used their news blog to address questions about the information and data they get.

So when does Facebook get data about people from other websites and apps?

Many websites and apps use Facebook services to make their content and ads more engaging and relevant. Some of the services include social plugins, Facebook login, Facebook analytics and Facebook ads and measurement tools.

When someone uses a website or app that uses Facebook's services, Facebook gets information even if you are logged out or don't have a Facebook account. That happens because the websites or apps do not know who is using Facebook.

Facebook gets data from websites or apps that use Facebook's services to make the content or ads better.

Facebook uses the information that they get in three ways:

1. Enhancing their products and services
2. Provide their services to other websites or apps
3. Improving security and safety on Facebook

According to the social networking company, they do not sell people's data.

The company has said in their statement they believe that everyone should be allowed good privacy tools. That is why they require websites or apps to tell the user who uses their tools to them that your information is being collected and shared and they need to get your information to do so.

At the end of the statement, they said that they want to put the user in control and be transparent about information that Facebook has and it is being used. They added that they will be working to make that easier.