RATING: 8.5/10

It might have Batman and Robin on the cover but the real draw in this familiar mash-up of pop culture with Lego bricks is the supporting cast, including the wonderful Gotham City.

Like other Lego games (enjoyed by kids and, sneakily, adults too), this Batman sequel is built on a formula of exploration and brick-bashing with a dash of construction. But it's tweaked with many extras, including the special suits that grant the duo new powers, such as invisibility and water-freezing. The biggest smiles, though, derive from the roster of DC superheroes who are gradually unlocked for play as you work through the storyline of a mass prison breakout masterminded by The Joker.

Suddenly, you can soar as Superman over Gotham's gorgeous panorama, neatly soundtracked by John Williams' classic theme. Or take control of The Flash and The Green Lantern.


RATING: 7/10

A remake of a Kinect launch title, but this time for joypad only, Joyride Turbo gleans most of its inspiration from Mario Kart. So it's a knockabout, cartoonish racer with few aspirations beyond simple fun.

As a cheap Xbox Live download, you could certainly do a lot worse, but its racing mode has less to recommend it than its amusing stunt park with some wild rides and wacky goals. - Belfast Telegraph