Image: The Nintendo Switch

CAPE TOWN - Nintendo announced that it will have an online subscription service available for the Switch coming in September. 

The online service is expected to be Nintendo’s version of the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live, offering online multiplayer for a fee. 

The service will cost $3.99 a month, or $19.99 per year. (Other country pricing will be released soon). You will still be able to enjoy the free trial of the online multiplayer option until then. 

Additionally, subscribers can access classic games from the company’s back catalogue, which will be updated with new features such as leader-boards and multiplayer. 

The company will also include a smartphone app called Nintendo Switch Online app.

The app will connect to your Switch system, connect with friends so that you can play online sessions in compatible games. The app will be available for download on the  Google Play store and iOS. 

The company plans to reveal more details about its subscription service later in the year. The news comes as Nintendo just revealed positive sale figures for the Switch; in less than a year, the tablet/console has already sold more than 14 million units since its launch.

To date, the company has also sold 47 Million games for the Switch.

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