Pete Lau, founder and chief executive Officer of Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus. Photo: AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool.

INTERNATIONAL – OnePlus has announced on its online forums that it would start making TVs. 

Best known for its phones, China’s OnePlus also has a small catalogue of really good accessories such as wireless earphones and backpacks.

In announcing the news, chief Pete Lau describes it as “the first step in building a connected human experience”.

In Lau’s teaser announcement, the OnePlus TV which so far only has a project name, no timeline or specs have been revealed.

The main purpose for the device is to serve as the connectivity hub for OnePlus’ future vision of the smart home.

The OnePlus smart TV will be developed by a new division within OnePlus, led by Pete Lau himself.

Still at the earliest stages of development, OnePlus is currently seeking input from its fans, as it often does about what their priorities with a future smart TV will be.