Samsung Electronics Co.Photo: Choi Bu-Seok/Reuters.

CAPE TOWN –  Samsung just revealed an updated version of the Notebook 9 Pen laptop which will be available in a new, 15-inch size.

The updated Notebook 9 Pen is an improved S Pen. The new S Pen for the Notebook 9 Pen now offers improved latency as the company states that it will be up to two times faster. 

Samsung also now offers multiple user replaceable tips for the S Pen, allowing you to customize different drawing styles. 

According to multiple reports, Samsung added that it would include the latest 8th Gen Intel processors, gigabit Wi-Fi, and the port selection has been overhauled to offer two Thunderbolt 3 ports for the new Notebook. 

They will also add a single regular USB-C plug and a headphone/mic jack with a microSD slot.

Exact pricing isn't available yet but it will come in 13.3- and 15-inch versions when it arrives next year.