Do your bit for the Crown Jewels and 'Save Harry'.

Britain's Prince Harry's naked fun in a Las Vegas hotel room has been turned into a computer game.

The 27-year-old royal was caught flashing during a game of strip billiards with friends at the Wynn Hotel in August, and fans can now play a new online game entitled 'Save Harry', in which the player must help the hapless prince escape a hotel before getting photographed by the waiting paparazzi.

Also holding cameras are bikini-clad girls and hotel staff, and if a picture is taken, the game is over and a mock-up version of the story featured on the front cover of a newspaper appears on the screen.

The flame-haired prince made his first appearance since the event on Monday at the WellChild Awards at the InterContinental Hotel in London, and he was said to be determined to ignore the furore about his antics.

A source said: "Prince Harry is keen that what has happened does not overshadow what is going on today. He knows and understands there will be a lot of press interest because of recent events but just wants to focus on the children. That's why he is there."