The new Nokia 105 is pictured during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The entry-level Nokia 105, its lowest priced ever device with a colour screen, was aimed at first-time buyers in markets such as South America, Africa, Russia and Asia-Pacific.

London - If you’re fed up with charging your smartphone every night – not to mention trawling through hundreds of features just to make a call – then you’re in luck.

Nokia has unveiled a simple £13 (about R200) mobile phone that can last for 35 days on a single charge.

It is aimed at emerging markets where electricity is rare, but could also be sold as a back-up phone.

The Nokia 105, which is set to go on sale within weeks, has a colour screen, built-in torch and an FM radio. It’s now the cheapest phone in the Finnish firm’s range, and was hailed as “the ultimate festival phone” at its launch.

A spokesman for Nokia said: “The phone was created to offer the essentials – phone calls and SMS – but also some desirable extras. Nokia’s experience in optimising phone quality, combined with its global footprint and economies of scale, is a major contributor to being able to work to such a low price.”

The firm also used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to launch three other low-cost devices, including a £120 smartphone, the Lumia 520.

Experts predict this will be a big year for cheap smartphones, as firms try to attract customers in the developing world. - Daily Mail