According to the Adobe 2014 Digital Index, US online sales came in at $2.65 billion, up 16 percent from 2013.

London - While others are asleep, more and more of us are “shopturnals” – shopping online between midnight and 6am.

Many of these shoppers are new parents. The number of baby products sold in the six-hour period has risen 78 percent over the last year, due to our increasingly 24/7 internet era.

Nursing pads and sleep trainers are the big sellers as parents go online while waiting for babies to drop off.

It also seems many of us are thinking about 50 Shades Of Grey – the erotic novel is another leading night owl item in a poll of 2,000 by Amazon, along with Zumba dance kits, Adele CDs and DVDs of Harry Potter films.

Also popular is the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind – a useful aid for those who need help in getting to sleep.

Going online is the second most common activity for those awake in the early hours, behind reading but ahead of watching TV or listening to music. - Daily Mail