File Image: A woman passes by an advertisement of the Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphone at a subway station in Seoul, South Korea. (AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)

INTERNATIONAL - A recent trademark filing suggests that Samsung may have continued working on the "laser speckle interferometric system" described in previous 2016 patents, according to reports.

Filed under the name "Speckle", the device remains mysterious and many users can only guess what it could be. 

Since 2016, Samsung has applied for several other patents that build on the concept of shining a laser at skin, looking at the speckle pattern, and then using that to authenticate the user.

According to a report by Business Insider, Samsung's trademark filing doesn't contain useful information about what the device could be. 

The application is for the following list of goods: 

  • Computers; Computer hardware; Peripherals adapted for use with computers; 
  • Tablet computers; Portable computers; Data storage devices; Monitors; Headsets for use with computers; Wireless headsets;
  •  Portable computer case of leather; Protective covers for tablet computers; Mouse (computer peripheral); Computer keyboards; 
  • Convertible PC, namely convertible computers and convertible tablet pc; Wireless speakers; 
  • VR image apparatus and instruments; Simulator in the form of goggle for virtual reality and
  •  Image apparatus in the form of goggles for virtual reality.

 The individual that tipped off Business Insider about the filing, Brian Conroy said that the filing was done by the same trademark agency that handles Samsung Electronics trademarks for products like TVs and smartphones.

Reports also suggest that it could be a Samsung's speckle sensor to be included on a smartwatch. 

Android Central reports that Samsung is rumoured to release a new smartwatch called Samsung Galaxy Watch relatively soon, also based on recent trademarks.

This image show what the patent is about, according to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office:

 Image 2 is another trademark filing from t he European Union Intellectual Property Office:

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