RATING: 8/10

War games often take rather too much pleasure in ways to kill nondescript terrorists. A franchise once an advocate of war-is-hell, GRFS now tips the balance heavily in your favour with its arsenal of futuristic weaponry.

Invisibility camouflage and remote spy drones are just some of the tech that breaks the tradition of realism baked into Ghost Recon. What used to be a slow-paced, painstakingly tactical sim has morphed into a pacy shooter that's clearly influenced by the popularity of Modern Warfare 2.

When the mayhem breaks loose, the action can't match the ferocity of MW2 but in the rarer thoughtful moments when you're lining up a tactical kill, GRFS plays to its familiar strengths.


RATING: 8/10

Who wouldn't want to drive a hearse in a destruction derby? DiRT Showdown gives you that and much more. Building on the formidable heritage of the DiRT series (an offshoot of the Colin McRae brand), Showdown styles itself as a pick-up-and-play arcade racer with a side order of stunts and smashes.

This huge variety of events mean there's never a dull moment except in the long, long loading times. With nuanced handling and a gleeful sense of fun in the vehicular carnage, Showdown will always put a smile on your face. - Belfast Telegraph