Apple will be holding a live event this evening where they are expected to reveal some new devices. Photo: File
DURBAN – Apple will be hosting their live event on September 12th and for the first time the event will be live streamed on Twitter. 

The event will be live in South Africa from 7pm in the evening and it set to reveal some of the new iPhones and a host of other devices. 

The company which was founded in 1977 is expected to have their chief executive Tim Cook take the stage to introduce the new Apple devices. 

The iPhone maker also live streams the event from the Apple Events section of their website. 

Some of the other ways that people can view the live event include:
  1. Safari on the Mac and iOS
  2. Microsoft Edge on Windows 10
  3. Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on the Mac or Windows 10
  4. Apple TV with the Apple Events app in the App Store. 

Watch the Apple live here:

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