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CAPE TOWN -Communication and cryptocurrency phenomenon, Block Mesh plans to turn the digital world upside down by offering a decentralised network of communication with virtually no cost to the user. 

The network will enable ‘last mile’ connectivity to the internet and related services by connecting to several users at once. The main idea of Block Mesh is to significantly reduce data costs. 

According to industry experts, mobile activity in South Africa was around 37% to 45% of the population last year. This is ever increasing but is also largely dependent on data cost and accessibility. 

BlockMesh acknowledges this barrier and plans to connect each and everyone across the world, using a cost-effective network. 

“By participating in a mesh network all the users essentially share connectivity, much like internet access is shared on one cable of ADSL or Fibre, here - it’s Bluetooth. All participants piggy-back off of one another and share internet access across the network, thus enabling mobile internet access, data transfer and more”, says Head of Digital Operations at BlockMesh, Matthew Schulz. 

This also means that data cost will significantly decrease. The decentralised mesh network will connect smart devices to one another, using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular date. 

“By using Bluetooth as a default our network is able to pass data (messages, calls, etc) from one user to the other without the need for cellular towers and data costs. It’s a cost-free communications platform”, says Schulz. 


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In comparison to traditional networks, BlockMesh users will not incur any costs when using the BlockMesh app. 

“Instead, we will pay our users in cryptocurrency - called a MESH Token - just to use our app. If the user is outside of our network’s range, they will incur traditional network or cellular data costs. But, we will still pay them for the data that passes through the app even when they aren’t connected to our network”, says Schulz. 

The Mesh tokens that users will be rewarded can be used globally to trade as a cryptocurrency. 

The digitally progressive communication network is set to launch a Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on February 28, 2018. The price of 1 Mesh Token is R0.62 cents and interested users can sign up now on the BlockMesh website for a 10% discount. 

People can join BlockMesh by simply downloading their app. The alpha version will be available next month and people are urged to keep an eye on their website and social media for more news and updates.

The cost free communication network has filed patents for their long-range extenders which will be placed around the world, and will be available for purchase from their website in the next few months.


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