Image: User adding a photo to Instagram, a photo-sharing app owned by Facebook/ Photo credit: Jeremy Levin

CAPE TOWN - You might have noticed that people on your Instagram are asking you to send them questions via their Stories.


As of today, Instagram has launched a new sticker called the "Question Sticker" to its a poll feature.

This new sticker lets your friends submit questions for you to answer in a story post. 

According to Instagram, this is a way to start conversations during moments when you don’t necessarily have a photo or video to share.

The new feature can be found in the sticker drawer.

How it works:

 1. Tap it, type out a prompt, and place it on your post. 

2. When friends see it, they can tap the sticker to send replies. 

3. Replies will appear in the list of people who have viewed your story, which appears in the bottom-left corner of the post.

4. You can tap the question to create a new story post. 

5. The question will be inserted into the story, and you can answer however you like. You’ll know who asked the question, but their username or photo won’t appear in the post.

The questions sticker will be available from today on Android and iOS.

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