INTERNATIONAL - LEGO is expanding on its Boost programmable motorized kits.

 The company will use the expansion to focus on Batman, creating a programmable Batmobile.

 This new upgrade will allow users to create Lego sets which can be controlled with their smartphone or tablet app (on both iOS and Android). 

The company announced that the set 76112: App-Controlled Batmobile is going to launch on 1 August this year for $99.99.

How it works: 

1. You will get a box filled with 321 Lego pieces when built will create the Batmobile. 

2.You can then program and control the Batmobile using your phone. 

If you live outside of the countries that will be getting the set in August, you’ll probably be waiting a full month or more for them to start appearing in local toy shops.

In SA, $100 sets are sold for around R1500. 

If you can’t wait and you want an RC LEGO car right now, there is one on sale, the 42065: RC Tracked Racer is available in most toy shops between R1400 - R1200.