Nintendo Fornite Bundle: Photo: Nintendo.

CAPE TOWN – Nintendo announced that it would be releasing a new Nintendo Switch package called the “Double Helix Bundle” which is focused on Fortnite.

The bundle comes with a Nintendo Switch featuring a blue and red Joy-Con combo, Fortnite pre-installed, 1 000 V-bucks and the titular Double Helix Set.

The set is made up of a unique character outfit, backpack, glider and a pickaxe.

In the US this bundle will be retailing for $300 (R4 419).

Since Fortnite is a free game, the only extra value you’re getting here is the currency and the unique cosmetic items. 

The Double Helix Bundle is launching overseas on 5th October.

Fortnite creator Epic Games has offered exclusive items on various platforms in the past, but this is the first time it’s done so on the Switch.

Epic Games’ Fortnite generated $296 million in the month of April across mobile, console, and PC platforms, according to digital game sales tracker SuperData Research.