Tesla's releases an update about the recent Model X car crash. Photo: File
DURBAN - Tesla has released an update about the recent Model X car crash.

According to their News blog, the company was able to recover the logs from the computer inside the car which has given them more information about the crash.

Late last week Tesla's Model X car was involved car crash that resulted in the death of the car driver.

According to Tesla, in the moments before the accident, the Model X car was engaged in Autopilot and the adaptive cruise control follow-distance was set to minimum.

The car driver did receive several hands-on warnings as well as one audible hands-on warning earlier in the drive, but the driver's hands were not detected on the driver's wheel in the six seconds before the collision took place.

The Model X driver also had about 5 seconds and 150 metres of an unobstructed view of the concrete divider with the crushed attenuator but no action was taken by the driver according to the vehicle logs.

A crash attenuator is a device that decreases the damage to structures, vehicles and motorists resulting from a motor vehicle accident.

The Tesla statement said that the reason that the crash was so serious because the crash attenuator was already crushed from a previous accident and was not replaced.

Tesla said, "We have never seen this level of damage to a Model X in any other crash".

The United States government found that the first iteration of Autopilot would reduce the crash rates by as much as 40%.

Internal data showed that the recent updates to Autopilot have resulted in improved system reliability.

Tesla said that Autopilot does not prevent all collisions but instead makes them less likely to occur.

The car company said that Autopilot makes the world safe for vehicle occupants, pedestrians and cyclists.

The electric car company, however, may also be in financial trouble too. CNBC said that the big stock drop in March could have negative indications for their ability to raise much-needed funds.

The article showed that Tesla's shares dropped by 22% in March due to the concerns of the Model X car crash and troubles over the Model 3 production rate.

Morgan Stanley warned Tesla shareholders this past week that the drop in the company's stock could be a self-fulfilling prophecy for more declines.

Moody's recently downgraded Tesla's credit rating and also changed the outlook from stable to negative citing the Model 3 production rate shortfall and the company's tight financial situation.