Picture: Co-founder of Atari, Ted Dabney. (Twitter).

CAPE TOWN - The co-founder of U.S arcade game company Atari, Ted Dabney has passed away on Saturday and Twitter followers have poured out their deepest sympathy. 

Dabney who was born in 1937 in California has been dubbed one of the first creators of gaming has sadly passed away on May 26 at the age of 81. 

The electrical engineer and creator of the first successful arcade game, Pong reportedly suffered from oesophageal cancer since 2017. 

The gaming inventor worked with developer AI Alcorn Nolan Bushnell to develop the Computer Space arcade game in 1971. 

Dabney reportedly refused treatment and is survived by his wife, Carolyn. 

Twitter followers took to Twitter to display their sympathy and condolences for the deceased Dabney. Some users praised Dabney for fond memories that they shared with their family members by gaming. Other Twitter followers were shaken by the news and view his passing as losing a dear and close friend.

         Picture: Atari. (Facebook).

Take a look at how Twitter followers and the gaming community reacted:

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