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CAPE TOWN - Facebook reportedly launched a new home services feature in its Marketplace community which allows facebook users to connect with professionals such as plumbers and cleaners. 

The new feature comes after Facebook partnered with HomeAdvisor, Porch, and Handy. 

There are also reported thousands of individuals who are listed for the service, reports Tech Crunch. 

How the service works if users can reach out to professionals and also access quotes of services. Facebook users can also chat to service providers via Messenger. 

Facebook users simply have to select “Marketplace Services” which is located on the Marketplace menu on Facebook. 

Then, users can select their service and specify the specific details of the requested service. 

The feature which was rolled out yesterday will first be available in the United States in the next few weeks, with more information expected about whether it will be rolled out globally. 


Meanwhile, multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider Kaspersky Lab released their ‘Spam and phishing in Q1 2018’ report.

According to their report, fake Facebook websites are one of the most used techniques hackers use to lure their victims. 

The firm reports that during the first quarter of 2018, the Facebook brand was being spoofed by 58.69% of phishing sites. 

This doesn’t mean Facebook was compromised, but rather that cybercriminals created carbon copies of the site.

Kaspersky explains that fake Facebook and Facebook pages were created by cybercriminals to try and steal personal data via phishing attacks. 

“The continuous increase in phishing attacks – targeting both social networks and financial organisations – shows us that users need to pay more serious attention to their online activities. Despite the recent global scandals, people continue to click on unsafe links and allow unknown apps access to their personal data,” Kaspersky Lab’s Nadezhda Demidova said in a statement.

Facebook is not the only target however, Russia’s Vkontakte was used by 20.86% of phishing sites while LinkedIn was used by 12.91%.

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In other Facebook news, domestic worker Christina Mkhwanazi's story of being paid a meagre R1500 salary and being subjected to a seven-day shift has gone viral this week and touched many hearts of Durbanites, who have been left angered by her treatment and poor salary. 

Mkhwanazi's story was shared by a good samaritan Mazeeda Limbada on the Everything Musgrave Facebook group on Wednesday.

Limbada had made an appeal along with Mkhwanazi’s picture, which read: “Hi guys this lovely lady is currently working as a domestic for 7 days a week from 7am till 8pm for only R1500 a month. We all know this is not enough for basic needs. Please if anyone is looking for a reliable helper give the lovely Christina a call. Let’s make this lady’s day.”

      The Facebook message that saw Christina Mkhwanazi double up on her domestic worker salary.

The post soon went viral and had been shared hundreds of time, with some offering 56-year-old Mkhwanazi employment at better pay and leave. 

When the Sunday Tribune spoke to Mkhwanazi, she confirmed that she had been working for her current employer for five years. The mother of four told the Sunday Tribune she hails from Mariannhill, near Pinetown, and had been a domestic worker for most of her life. She revealed that she lived on her Musgrave employer's property, where she was expected to work seven days a week. 

“I work seven days a week and hardly get to go home to my family. When I do want to go home, it becomes an issue. I only get to go home once a month, for one night only,” she said.

Mkhwanazi said some of her other working conditions included living in a room with no electricity. She said she was allowed to eat only left over foods and dry bread.

“There was not even Rama or something to butter my bread,” she said.   

Mkhwanazi has since been offered a R3000 salary for five working days by a Facebooker.

Mkhwanazi’s story started a heated debate on the Facebook post surrounding working conditions of domestic workers in South Africa.

Tertius Bossert, Operations Manager at FNB Law on Call said employers had to adhere to the domestic workers’ minimum wage set by the Department of Labour. Domestic workers who work in urban areas earn a minimum of R13.05 per hour. Those working at non-urban areas earn a minimum of R11.89 per hour.  

“These rates are, however currently under review,” said Bossert.

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