File Image: Apple watch series 3

CAPE TOWN - The newly released Apple watch series 3 has been reported to have some serious problems with its cellular connectivity feature. 

The Verge reported problems with connecting to the cellular network on the device.

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed the problem with TechCrunch, stating, “We have discovered that when Apple Watch Series 3 joins unauthenticated Wi-Fi networks without connectivity, it may at times prevent the watch from using cellular networks. We are investigating a fix for a future software release.”

The issue is that the watch connects to networks that you’ve enabled on other Apple devices like the WiFi.

The device draws from the same database, so when you’ve joined to a hotel or library wireless network on your iPhone, the watch will spot it and connect.

The absence of a browser on the watch means you can’t go through the formal steps of connecting, so this means that you will be connected to the network, but you’re not actually getting any data. 

The watch can’t do both at the same time, so if it spots a familiar WiFi network, the LTE(Long Term Evolution) calling is dropped.

LTE is a high-speed connection which was designed to support roaming internet access by cell phones and handheld devices.

Other LTE concerns have cropped up ahead of this round of Series 3 reviews, including some questions around international roaming. 

The device is also only designed to operate in its country of origin, so the watch will essentially operate as a non-LTE model when you travel abroad.