Image: The late Brenda Fassie. Picture: Supplied

CAPE TOWN - UK-based film and television production company Showbizbee announced that they acquired rights to film the story of late South African musician Brenda Fassie, affectionately called MaBrrr by her fans.

The company said that the film would be written and directed by Edward Shaw with a script based on a story by her son Bongani.

The film is set to be released in 2018.

“Brenda, a period comedy-drama, follows a young Brenda Fassie whose determination to become a singer, follows her journey from Langa, Cape Town to Soweto, Johannesburg of which catapults her into stardom becoming South Africa’s most iconic entertainers, along with becoming a mother,” Showbizbee said in a statement.

Currently trending on Twitter, South Africans are begging for a local lead to play the part of Brenda. 

Actors such as Brenda Ngxoli know for her role in TV Comedy show Ses'Top La, Soso Runqu is known for her part as Morongwa in Muvhango, Manaka Ranaka is known for her part as Lucy Diale in Generations: the legacy, Zola Nombona, known for her part as Shado in SABC1 drama series Intersexions and many more.

Here is what South Africans had to say: 

Let's settle this
Who should play the role of Brenda Fassie in her biopic?

RT for Brenda Ngxoli
Like for Soso Runqu ( Morongwa in Muvhango)

Brenda Ngxoli for Brenda Fassie! No more Americans- I hate begging but PLEASE hleng!!!

i wouldn't be surprised if they got an American to play Brenda Fassie.same thing they did with Mandela

I definitely think Manaka Ranaka would kill the role of Brenda Fassie in the biopic.

Why are they auditioning for Brenda Fassie when there is literally ONE person who can do it? It can only be @Ngxoli. Kutheni kudlalwa ngexesha? So confused

Here is the Rightfull Woman to potray the late Brenda Fassie FULL STOP #BrendaNxoli @ProVerbMusic

I think Zodwa Wabantu should play Brenda Fassie. Don’t @ me

Watch them come with an American to play Brenda Fassie, while we have oMorongwa, Brenda Ngxoli etc for the role 🙄

I think chico twala should produce a Brenda Fassie biopic. I think bongani will want to show his mom in a one-sided light.#BrendaFassie

Only this two can pull of Brenda Fassie.if is not one of them I’m not watching it.

Luckily, SA should get what they want as auditions are open to South Africans.

“Open to all South Africans nationally. This initiative essentially will give the opportunity for any female across the country to apply for this challenging and honorable role for the movie, said Showbizbee. 

Showbizbee said that the ‘search for Brenda’ would be orchestrated with open auditions which were yet to be confirmed.