Google's new feature can help people can better travel rates. File Image: (Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg)
DURBAN - Google is improving their flight and hotel booking feature to give users recommendations if their itinerary is cheap or if they should travel at a different time.

They are extending its booking features using Google services such as Trips, Flights and their hotel search with the focal point helping users find better prices.

Google has said that it will utilise machine learning to assess flight and hotel prices compared to previous bookings to allow consumers to know if it is best to book now or wait.

Other sites like Skyscanner and Kayak also offer similar features.

Another new feature from Google, is the ability to track prices of hotels by email.

Previously Google only allowed people to opt to track the prices of flights. The service will also start selling tour and activity tickets to complete a trip package. They also have discounts for bundling flights, hotels and activities collectively in one booking.

If users want to book a flight you will be taken to third-party sites to finish your purchase. Google will not be booking or be confirming the tickets for you.

These price tracking and tour bundling features won't be new if you have already been using aggregator websites like the services mentioned above, but Google hopes that providing consumers with their trip choices in one place means that they won't have to search the internet for the best deals on their holidays.