Picture: Dr. Michael Mol. (Twitter).

CAPE TOWN - Hello Doctor, the first mobile health company of its kind in South Africa aims to connect people to a medical doctor, wherever they are. 

Founded on the success of Dr. Michael Mol's television show, Hello Doctor, new app now aims to make all health services more convenient and accessible to individuals. 

The service, Hello Doctor connects you to a doctor on your phone, 24/7.

"Hello Doctor lets you talk to a doctor on your phone, so that you can get the medical advice you need, when you need it. We’re changing the way you manage your health, and giving you the power to get immediate access to GPs, 24/7", says Hello Doctor. 

The service is personalised administered by a network of doctors. 

For those who prefer more convenience that seeing a medical practitioner, the easy-to-use app will suit them. 

More than half a million users already use the Hello Doctor service which costs R55 per month. 

"Health Tips, which gives you bite-sized daily advice and coaching to help you take charge of your health. A localised Symptom Checker, which will assist you in determining a health condition based on symptoms experienced. This includes Text a Doctor, which entitles you to private and confidential one-on-one health text messages to and from a doctor. Talk to a Doctor, which entitles you to 24/7 direct telephonic access to a doctor", says Hello Doctor. 

The app offers a free 7 day trial and subscription can be canceled at any time. 

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