Picture: Local film director, Raoul Dyssell. (Zeenat Vallie).

CAPE TOWN - Local film Director, Raoul Dyssell has landed back on his home turf, on a venture to develop his feature film, Money Man. 

Dyssell recently created waves in Hollywood at the Slamdance Film Festival. 

His screenplay, 'PreZident' hailed in at second place in the horror category of the international 2017 Slamdance Screenplay Competition.

PreZident landed a top spot by beating over 3 000 entries this year. 

PreZident is an action horror about an apocalyptic future, a world where South Africa survives but has been overrun by a zombie-type epidemic. 

The South African born Dyssell and CEO of Roll the Dice Pictures has been living in Seoul, South Korea since 2011. 

South Korean cinema

Dyssell gave us his thoughts on South Korean cinema. He noted that Seoul's film industry has a different aesthetic. 

"The cinema itself was very different. It was brutal, it was honest. It was a new kind of revenge film that we haven't really seen before". 

Internationally popular films such as I Saw the Devil, The Chaser, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance are intrinsically Korean in how they approach the revenge thriller, says Dyssell. 

Admitting that he initially went to Seoul to create a movie there, Dyssell then discovered how ''brutally honest they are in their art''. 

What was really advantageous was that "Seoul theatre plays a lot of art films". 

Online streaming

Whilst taking into considering the influence of online streaming on the traditional film industry, Dyssell quotes Christopher Nolan. 

Nolan said that Netflix is not a platform he would want to work with, says Dyssell. Nolan believes that people need to watch movies in the theatre. 

Dyssell agrees with this sentiment, however, he says that Netflix and Amazon have made movies more accessible to the greater public.

This is especially applicable when considering the thriving price of a movie ticket. In comparison to this, paying a monthly fee on Netflix will award you access to an array of content. 

"Online streaming platforms have also given a lot of creative license to the auteurs", adds Dyssell. 

It allows you to have your voice heard more. Especially if you are not a well-known director such as Nolan. 

Plans in South Africa

Dyssell's latest production, Money Man brings him back to Cape Town. 

He has collaborated with a close friend of his and CEO of Mad Little Badger Productions, Nicki Priem to try and get his production out by next year. 

Nicki asked him to do PreZident, says Dyssell but because of its an ambitious film, he said he would focus on writing something that is a low budget production. This is when Money Man was written. 

Money Man has also been trending on the Hollywood blacklist which are the most liked scripts listed online in the world. Money Man is in the top 20 amongst thousands, says Dyssell proudly. 

It is packaged as a crime drama that is accessible to anyone in the world. 

Tips for future SA filmmakers 

Dyssell advises future South African filmmakers to "take away the identity politics" within the film. 

"The fact is, the global stage does not care about your feelings", declares Dyssell. 

In order to flourish as a proudly and successful South African film industry, we have to drop the identity politics and victimisation, reiterates Dyssell.  

We should take what is good about the west and apply that model. 

He further adds that "genre film-making is going to eventually be the model for the South African film industry". 

"Be proud of the fact that we have great stories to tell here. South Africa as a film industry hasn't taken off yet, which for me means it's about to take off. I'm only optimistic about that", says Dyssell. 


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