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CAPE TOWN - Many companies today, across all sectors, are starting to realise that 'mobile commerce' should be the focal point of the ICT development strategy says Integr8.

Transacting over a hand-held device is believed to afford great convenience that it saves time, area unbound and and provides real-time sale records. 

Retail sector analysis by Frost and Salluvan show that  cloud-based services, managed services and cellular connectivity will represent the baseline of IT spend in retail. Approximately R1,8 billion in ICT spend by 2019, according to IT-Online.

Joint CEO of Integr8, Lance Fanaroff says, “Mobile commerce technology is allowing companies to make real-time transformative decisions on sale, retail, merchandising, big data, trading and security. We continue to see evidence of this impact on clients who confirm a reduction in costs, streamlining admin, and boosting compliance, all while improving service levels and the client user experience ”.

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Fanaroff concluded that mobile commerce platforms are not just a ‘nice to have’, but will be essential for the sustainability and success of almost all businesses in the future. And the future is happening now.