Use the Fyuse app to take 3D photos Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Fyuse is an app that allows people to take and share 3D interactive pictures that technology enables.

Take a dynamic picture by moving your phone around while you are capturing the picture - viewers can then explore the 3D photo by shifting the phone in their hands.

Fyuse captures space but not time and allows the user to view moments from various angles at their own pace.

Co-founder and CEO, Radu Rasu said that he realised years ago that there needed something more than simple photos and videos.

In addition to taking these special 3D photos, users will have access to a personal gallery and social network through the app. People can also share their special pictures instantly through their social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and the Web. The app also has filters.

The app is available on iOS and Android. 

The app was actually a training tool to assist in training the eyes of generation of devices. The app is the first move to become the default 3D technology for both consumers and businesses. 

According to Rasu consumers can also anticipate the arrival of the Fyusion technology in head-mounted displays and other hardware before the end of 2018.. 

“Fyusion’s vision is that our fyuse 3D spatial photography format will become ubiquitous, and the de-facto standard for representing a certain kind of 3D spatial data for consumers at scale," Rasu said.