ACE Eyewear. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - ACE Eyewear is the name of video-recording sunglasses that has recently been launched. 

Using the sunglasses, people can share their videos on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube via a smartphone app.  The sunglasses are made by Acton a company that is known for their electric skateboards and rocket skates.  ACE Eyewear can capture 8-megapixel photos and record high definition videos. The camera view is 120 degrees and you capture pictures or record a video using by pressing the shutter button on the top left-hand side of the frame. 

Users can also live stream videos and share them through their social media and connect the glasses to their PC or Mac using the USB cable that comes included.  The new technology in video recording comes after Snapchat launched their own video recording glasses called Spectacles. However, Spectacles did not do well with the market and Snapchat lost $40 million. 

The ACE Eyewear is an improvement of what Snapchat tried to do with Spectacles. 

Here are some of the differences between Spectacles and ACE Eyewear. 

1. ACE Eyewear records videos in a standard rectangular format but Spectacles used a peculiar round video format. 
2. ACE Eyewear can shoot videos continuously for 40 minutes compared to Spectacles that could only record 30-second videos. 

The sunglasses battery can last for an hour and a half of continuous recording and or 80 hours on standby mode. 

ACE Eyewear is dust and waterproof.  The video recording sunglasses pre-order price is $99 (R1225,62) but the regular price of the sunglasses id $199 (2463,62). Consumers that pre-order will receive their glasses by the summer of 2018.