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CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works has proposed to replace the 'CA' with 'CAA' on license plate.

The department has called on the public to comment on the proposals for the changes.

It is believed that the change will apply to all new vehicle registrations, therefore current vehicle owners or people who wish to transfer the vehicle license to a different vehicle will not be affected.

The changes are being introduced because licensing authorities are running out of possible alphanumeric combinations which will inevitably lead to duplicates.

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Western Cape's proposals come after Gauteng introduced some changes in December 2010.

Both these provinces use a more standardised system when compared to the rest of the country.

Members of the public are requested to submit comments on the department's notice in writing before or on 15 January 2018.

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The Minister of Transport and Public Works, Donald Grant recently issued a statement on festive season road safety.

"The Western Cape Government has made every effort to ensure safe roads over the festive season. Despite resource constraints, our Provincial traffic officers remain the only traffic service to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year traffic enforcement operation. This will be intensified over the upcoming festive season," Grant said.