Make up for lack of work experience by volunteering today

One solution to not having enough work experience is to do some volunteering. Picture: Pexels

One solution to not having enough work experience is to do some volunteering. Picture: Pexels

Published Dec 5, 2022


Looking for a job is hard, there are so many requirements, including having work experience. But what if you have never worked?

One solution to this is doing some volunteering. This type of work is a great way to gain essential workplace skills.

The concept of unity through volunteering is being celebrated globally on this International Volunteer Day on December 5. Rising inequality around the globe, in the opinion of the UN, begs for co-operation in order to identify shared answers.

Volunteers create solutions to urgent development concerns and for the general good after being united by solidarity.

When it comes to jobs, it can be hard to volunteer when you don’t have any income. This can be especially tough if you have to use your own money for food and transport. Therefore, you can look at places closer to you as they can be more convenient.

Volunteering platform says this can help you gain work experience and set yourself apart from other applicants.

Romy Heldsinger, chief executive of the initiative, said, “You’ll be working alongside industry professionals and building social capital that can help you stand out to potential employers.

“For matriculants and graduates who are just entering the workforce, it’s also a chance to try out different roles before committing to a career path.”

However, if you have already set your sights on a particular career, you can go ahead and seek the relevant opportunity.

According to Heldsinger, most young people are aware of their talents and strengths – be that coding, design, writing, or top marks in accounting, but they have yet to find opportunities to demonstrate them.

Here are her top tips to boost your CV with volunteering experience:

  • Volunteer with intention.
  • Look for opportunities that present a learning and growing curve, in line with your career interests and passions.
  • Volunteering in your chosen career path also gives you the platform to widen your network by connecting with professionals in that particular industry, who may present employment opportunities further down the line.

Find something that is meaningful for both you and the cause

You are much more of an asset to an organisation if you volunteer for a role that you find engaging and enjoyable.

This could include reception work, tutoring, proposal writing, language translation, design work, social media, marketing, fund-raising, administration, or data capturing – the possibilities are endless.

Feature your activities on your LinkedIn profile

The site reports that 41% of employers consider volunteer work to be as important as paid work. It also makes you a more interesting and diverse candidate.

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