Upcoming MotiMoves webinar set to ignite more entrepreneurial dreams

Zunaid Moti. Image: supplied.

Zunaid Moti. Image: supplied.

Published Jul 26, 2023


Renowned entrepreneur and businessman Zunaid Moti is gearing up this week to host the highly anticipated third instalment of his free online MotiMoves entrepreneurship webinar on Thursday, 27 July 2023 at 8pm.

First launched in May, the MotiMoves programme now has over 6,000 registered members, while its second webinar in June drew over 15,000 views across its various platforms.

The initiative’s primary purpose is to serve as a business mentorship and investment vehicle for business hopefuls to acquire funding, assistance, and advice from Moti himself for making their next venture a success.

Every month, one successful candidate who submits the best business proposal will receive R50,000 in investment towards their business, a personal mentorship session with Moti, along with one month’s use of Moti’s personal Porsche 911 and the best prize of all – Mr Moti personally investing in their business.

This monthly competition has already drawn fierce competition, with hundreds of submissions sent over the past few months. The second MotiMoves winner will be announced during the webinar.

But the programme’s main draw has been Moti’s expert insights into building and maintaining a business.

As such, the third webinar will focus on how to turn a business proposal into a functional business, as well as how to attract funding and what investment challenges to watch out for.

“The incredible popularity of our programme serves as a testament to the hunger and ambition of many thousands of young entrepreneurs across the country, who simply need some support and guidance on taking their ideas and turning them into successful businesses,” says Moti.

“The positivity and collective passion for entrepreneurship shown by our participants have truly been an honour to see, and I’m excited to help people fan those flames and realise their true potential. In fact, to accommodate even more people, we’ve even had to switch hosting platforms for the first time to ensure that everyone can join our programme and discover new opportunities for themselves.”

This time around, MotiMoves members won’t have to register on a third-party video hosting platform after registering on the MotiMoves website. Instead, participants can simply log in to the members’ area on Zunaid Moti’s official website to watch the webcast live.

Registered members are invited to submit their questions ahead of time via email for discussion during the session, and will also be eligible for any prize giveaways during the webinar.

Making moves in SA’s business landscape

Last month, Moti introduced the first successful MotiMoves business proposal winner. Biological scientist Dr Larry van Vuuren’s potentially industry-defining breast cancer diagnosis device earned him an extraordinary R3 million investment from Moti, an update on his progress will be given on Thursday.

“Every moment wasted is money left on the table. When I come across an exceptional opportunity, such as the proposal that Dr Larry presented to me, I make sure to grab onto it with both hands. I have been sent a few other interesting proposals that I’m looking into, but I’m still hoping to find disruptive ideas that really grab my interest and could make a significant difference in the market landscape,” says Moti.

Any other entrepreneurial hopefuls with game-changing business ideas are also encouraged to submit their proposals through the MotiMoves website for feedback, constructive criticism, and even potentially funding. For example, Moti explains that he recently invested R100,000 outside of the monthly webinars into another business concept, and he will be sharing the details of this investment during the upcoming session – these smaller investments are now labelled as the MicroBiz of the Month.

Beyond entrepreneurial advice, an investment, R50,000 in funding towards their business, and the use of a Porsche 911, Moti will be going another step further during the third webinar to push the excitement factor to its limits.

A steadfast niche community of Moti jersey-enthusiasts have formed and quickly gained prominence amongst his social media supporter base, sharing countless comments on his now iconic designer sweaters. In response to these avid enthusiasts, Moti will be giving away five of these jerseys from his personal collection.

If you’re not yet registered, visit the official Zunaid Moti website at www.zunaid-moti.co.za/mentorship, and submit questions for discussion during the session to [email protected].