WATCH: Man is raking in cash by selling bottled air for a living

Making money out of thin air takes on a whole new meaning. Picture: Pixabay

Making money out of thin air takes on a whole new meaning. Picture: Pixabay

Published Aug 29, 2022


Durban - Ever visited a city and thought to buy a memento to remind you of your memories there? Well, in Medellin, Columbia, memories are made by buying bottled air.

Yes, you read that right, Juan Carlos Alvarado, a man from Medellin, Colombia, is charging people for bottled air.

Medellin nicknamed “City of Eternal Spring” is extremely popular with tourists because of its vibrant street culture, beautiful seasons and famous annual flower festival.

It was because of this that Alvarado, a Medellin native embarked on this unique entrepreneurial journey, he said on Instagram.

Reportedly, Alvarado sold 77 bottles of air for $5 (R84,24) each on the first day. On the third day, he is said to have sold around 300 bottles.

“Here we store the air of Medellin, which is special, a jewel. We do not pack pure air, but that of the city, as it is. Of course, I make sure that it is of quality,” Alvarado told Oddity Central.

The unconventional entrepreneur added that he had created an efficient air collector device that was 100 percent natural, and took between 15 and 30 minutes to trap the particles to capture that feeling of spring.

Alvarado said this was a top secret method and did not divulge how the process actually worked lest any copycats start marketing their own bottles of air.

On the business’ Instagram page, there is a mixed bag of comments and thoughts regarding Medellin’s unique enterprise.

Some people are mocking the idea, saying he is makes money out of nothing. But others have been congratulating Alvarado, saying he is a genius.

One customer asked, “I got the air out of the jar, refund?”

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