Cameron Wilson claims he froze when his friend allegedly killed Lekita Moore. Picture: Noor Slamdien

Cape Town – The defence in the Lekita Moore murder trial has asked the Western Cape High court to acquit multiple murder accused, Cameron Wilson of all charges against him.

Wilson is facing five counts of murder, four for attempted murder and two rape charges. He is accused among other of stabbing to death 18-year-old Lekita Moore. It is alleged he stabbed her 98 times in Valhalla Park while he was out on bail on at the time. The charges date back to 2014.

In closing arguments on Monday, defence advocate Mohamed Sibda told the court his client denied all charges against him asking the court to acquit Wilson of all charges.

Sibda said evidence in chief made by a State witness was improbable. He said one of the witnesses was not credible and there was the possibility of misidentification.

Sibda made submissions that one woman accusing Wilson of rape, Dawney Davids from Heinz Park in 2015, had consensual sex with the accused.

He said Davids’ testimony that she was choked and dragged towards a bridge where the alleged rape occurred, in the presence of her minor cousin, who can’t be named, was improbable.

"She ought to have been able to have been able to call for help. There are houses along the incline toward the bridge. It is submitted that the fact that she never testified that she struggled with him is evidence that she had gone with him voluntarily," said Sibda.

He said the cousin, who was present at all times according to Davids’ version, had opportunities to escape and call for help too.

Sibda said Davids’ cousin was also present during the alleged attack of two other women in April 2015 Wilson has also been charged with, including the rape and murder of Stacey Lee Mohale.

The defence said the only witness in the Lekita Moore case was the accused himself and that his evidence should be taken into account.

18-year-old murder victim Lekita Moore

Wilson claims it was his friend Xavier Bester who murdered Lekita. He said the two had left with the teen and Bester, who has since died, had fought with Lekita punching her in the nose before going on to stab her.

The defence said Lekita's blood found on a jacket worn by Wilson, got there when the accused wrestled Bester off her.

The State argued incorrect identification was not possible because Wilson was known to the Heinz Park community.

Prosecutor Carien Teunissen asked that the court find Wilson guilty of all charges with the exception of the rape of Stacey Lee Mohale.

Judgment was postponed to June 28, 2017.

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