Parents of Connor Weber, Daniel and Debbie Weber, and friends gathered at Keurboom Park in Rondebosch after the 20-month-old toddler drowned. Picture: Cindy Waxa/African News Agency (ANA)
Cape Town - Daniel and Debbie Weber were collecting rain water to do their bit in the drought, but their 20-month old toddler drowned in a bin filled with water.

Connor Weber from Rondebosch and his sister Grace were left in the care of their nanny while their parents were at work.

The nanny discovered that Connor was missing and went to look for him. She found the little boy in the bin.

“It is believed that the toddler had apparently fallen into a bin filled with water. Local authorities were on the scene and will be investigating further," ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring said.

Connor’s heart was still beating and he was rushed to Red Cross War Memorial Children’s hospital where he died on Sunday.

“We are absolutely devastated. For a little boy to be taken away at such a young age. He was healthy, wonderful and there is absolute devastation,” Connor's uncle, Stuart West, said.

It’s believed that the bin was used as a water collection point due to the drought crisis in the Western Cape.

“It's unspeakable especially in a time of our drought when there’s lots of water lying around we need to raise awareness that little children are vulnerable to these kinds of things,” West said.

On Tuesday a special memorial service was held for the little boy in Keurboom Park, Rondebosch. The service was held underneath a big tree and attended by some of the family's close friends, family and nannies from the area. During the service family members and close friends couldn’t hold back their tears.

“We miss him and we miss running after him. As a family there is great disappointment and anger. It’s tragic,” West said.

The location where the memorial service was held was described as one of Connor’s favourite places to be. His father spoke emotionally at the service. 

“No parent should go through something like this. Today we mourn you. You were such a special boy,” he said.

Weber struggled to hold back tears as he recounted special moments with his son. 

“When he needed comfort he would call his mother; he was extremely busy and loved music,” he said.

West said: "I think the family will find comfort in their faith and the family surrounding them and they have Grace; they will continue to pour their love into Grace."

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