Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages commercial director Johnny Joubert, Emmanuel Daycare Centre manager Joyce Anderson, Newlands Rotary’s Terry Lancaster, and Emmanuel Daycare Centre board member Terrence Adams at the centre’s opening in Atlantis, yesterday. Vincent Cruywagen
Cape Town - There were smiles and jubilation when Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, in partnership with Rotary Club of Newlands, opened the revamped Emmanuel Daycare Centre in Atlantis, on Monday.

The centre, which caters for cerebral palsy patients in Atlantis, was in need of urgent repairs to enable manager Joyce Anderson to continue performing its crucial function. Thanks to the sponsors, the centre now has a reception area, a boardroom and an upgraded classroom to be used for sewing by teenagers.

“Thank you, Coca Cola and Rotary Club for your generous support. Unit 6, our sewing room, is going to be our pride. We have 20 people working there and now we will use it for workshop purposes. It also has the potential to be used as a factory,” Anderson said.

Johnny Joubert, commercial director for Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages, said the company’s relationship with the centre dated back to 2011 when it provided funds to buy the building.

“Recently, through Rotary Club, they identified the needs of serious maintenance and some upgrades that would make it easier for Joyce to operate the centre. We are also proud to plough back into our communities and make a difference where it matters,” said Joubert. “Early child development is something that has been close to our heart and particularly kids who have special needs.”

Terrence Lancaster, from Newlands Rotary, said: “Peninsula Beverages supplies the money and our members are responsible for managing the project. We do this as our service to the community. This finished product is the result of a partnership between Rotary club and Coca-Cola Peninsula Beverages.”


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