HOPES: Aviwe Jam Jam.
Cape Town - While many were celebrating Women’s Day on Wednesday, a family was mourning the death of their daughter whose body was found after she went missing more than a week ago.

Aviwe Jam Jam, 26, disappeared on July 29. She lived with her 29-year-old boyfriend and their 2-year-old son in the gated community of Summerville, Kuilsriver.

Her boyfriend is in custody on assault charges at the Site B Police Station.

Police spokesperson FC van Wyk said: “The body of a woman was found last week at Vygieskraal Stadium, Athlone. A murder case was registered for investigation. On Tuesday, the body was identified as that of Aviwe Jam Jam. Investigations continue.”

The family believed her boyfriend was linked to the murder. “Police said she was probably dumped in Athlone. Her face was badly damaged; her eyes swollen and she had cuts on her head. The bruises showed that she must have been beaten with heavy objects,” said the family member.

Jam Jam passed matric at Cape Town High School and then studied tourism at Cape Peninsula University where she graduated with a diploma. She had just left her job at the Airports Company of South Africa.

Sivuyile Ndeleni, her cousin, said the family had had high expectations for Jam Jam.

“We are hurt. Often we read of such stories or hear about such incidents, but today we are victims of such a crime. Aviwe was a lady. She liked being smart, but always remained a child in the family. 

“She was our flower we hoped we would see blossom.

“We want justice to prevail.”

On the day she went missing, Jam Jam was expected to drop off her child at her mother’s home. When she did not , her mother panicked.  She phoned the boyfriend who said Jam Jam had disappeared.

A  search at her home revealed nothing.

“A  week before she disappeared, they had an argument and Aviwe tore all his clothes. This man had (allegedly) been abusing her. She was unhappy with him but each time she left him he would come to our home and threaten us. He even assaulted her stepfather,” the family member said. 

The family told the Cape Argus of an incident where the boyfriend accused Jam Jam of cheating and allegedly stripped her naked before beating her. “He brought her home and told us she was cheating. She defended herself and said she only confessed to free herself from him.”

Social Justice Coalition spokesperson Chumile Sali said: “SJC conveys its condolences to family of Aviwe.

“The failure to charge and arrest the Deputy Minister of Higher Education (in a case in Johannesburg) is a clear indication that the government is not committed to fighting gender-based violence. Justice must prevail.”

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